Being present

This morning I renewed my membership to Elephant Journal (I opted for the lifetime membership because, hey, why not? I believe in supporting what I love!) and I came across this excellent article: This is why it’s Time to take Grandma’s China out of the Cabinet.

It made me revisit my thoughts about impermanence. (The thoughts haven’t gone away, they’ve been simmering in the background.)

Up until I first started thinking about impermanence, I was the type of person who would receive a gift of lotion or special soap and not use it – it became a gift to look at, not a gift to be used. Now I can see how ridiculous it was not to make use of the gifts that were given to be used. 

I’m not sure if I was trying to create a state of continuity in the interest of consistency (they still look perfect after all this time) or denying the inevitable (whether used or not, they have a definite life span) but I do know that it was about control. Keeping things as they are.

Now, when I use this hand lotion that I received from a student, I delight in the fragrance when I open the bottle, apply the lotion to my hands, and when I catch a hint of the fragrance as I go about my day. That’s being present to the beauty of impermanence and enjoying what is in each moment.