Self-care was never one of my strong points but it has become a focus for me this year. So far, this is what I’ve implemented:

1) I make a point of drinking water – not a set amount per day, just reaching for water instead of tea/juice/etc.

2) I’m closely monitoring my self-talk and making sure that it’s positive or constructive AND giving myself permission to write things down and let them go… once on paper, they’re done

3) I’ve reduced my sugar intake during the day and I don’t have any sugar after 6pm – this has helped my sleep routines

4) No screen time after 8:30pm; I’m working on getting to no screen time after 8pm – this has helped my sleep routines too

5) ⭐️ My absolute favourite self-care strategy is to read a good book and cuddle our little dog for once ‘no screen time’ has started

6) Once a month I have a massage at Balanced Health and Wellness with RMT Lynn, which keeps me feeling physically well

It’s a process and the best part is that I’ve started with things I can commit to – there’s no ‘Ugh, _______________ should ne added to this list so I have to start/stop doing it now.’