Yoga Nidra & Gong Meditation

I am so excited to collaborate with Bonnie (Sachpreet Kaur) once a month! Our first class is Sunday, December 30th.

For anyone who has never attended a Yoga Nidra class before, it basically laying down in a comfortable position and listening to the instructor. We begin by focusing on our breath, and then we move into relaxing the body. Once relaxed, there is a guided imagery to help relax the mind.

“Yoga Nidra is deep, conscious relaxation of the body and mind to reach deep states of recovery and regeneration. It is a systematic approach to develop physical, mental, and emotional relaxation where one can rest in the awareness beyond the body and the mind.” – Steve Fazzari

In Yoga Nidra, we are training ourselves to enter a Delta-predominant brainwave state “so that we can operate from a more relaxed baseline while awake. This is why one of the instructions in Yoga Nidra is to stay awake. This should not be a stressful task, but simply an intent put forth to your subconscious mind. Then let go and allow whatever happens to happen. In the beginning, some people have difficulty staying awake because the body is accustomed to being asleep in deeper brainwave states. Eventually, however, we can train ourselves to be awake but as deeply relaxed and distant from the mind as in sleep.” – Kamini Desai